These spacious private houses with views of the Old Town are perfect for romantic nights on the terrace and gorgeous mornings on the balcony. Unleash your creativity and plan your home space without restrictions. Enrich it with a personal touch. Fulfil your own vision of peace in the garden – after all, it belongs to no one but you.

Open terraces and spaces for your individual needs

All town houses are full of space. Here you can have up to five bedrooms, a large living-room with a view to Vilnius Old Town and a closed kitchen. Create yourself an outsanding room with a fireplace for your leisure time. On the lower floor there is a wonderful area for your relaxation, where sauna, home workshop, workroom,fitness room or playground for your children can be installed. Enjoy your private garden while being there.

The town houses are build on the scarp of the hill opening a spectacular views to Vilnius Old Town. Each of them has a private, fenced plot with handmade gates. Moreover, here you have a perfect space for your flower garden, playground and long evenings on the terrace with your family.

Town houses

The Source of the Stream town house

This town house is the essence of the Šaltinių Namai project, which is why we named it the Source of the Stream town house. It has wonderful landscapes, a spacious terrace and the largest garden in the quarter. It comes to life again every spring, making your dreams come true.


Towers town house

Vilnius towers from the Baroque, Gothic and Classical periods give a unique feeling to the landscape of the hill in the Old Town. Experience the pure pleasure of relaxing on the open terrace and counting the towers reaching for the sky. Your garden is touched by maple crowns and coloured by nature that is constantly changing: it is the finishing touch to a perfect picture.


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Take the stairs to go down the hill, and find yourself at the Town Hall in the heart of the Old Town. No matter if you come here for business or to enjoy a cup of coffee. When everything is within reach, your day becomes more pleasurable.

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